So now that the plastic bag ban is in full effect, you may have noticed an additional fee if you choose to get one as your groceries are being bagged up. Many see it as just another type of tax to go into the government's pockets. I personally, don't disagree with that. If all that money was publicly thrown back into helping out the environment, I'd feel a little less annoyed about the whole thing. Some have even done the compare and contrast over which is worse for the environment, plastic or reusable bags. Science is still learning more and more about the plastic break down everyday, so we may never get definitive proof. Some have even found that the new bags, aren't so bag, and this isn't even a big deal!

I've had 3 interactions so far with the shopping since the bag ban went into effect. Each were different, and kind of shocking to me. First was at a popular book store chain in Kennewick, where I was asked if I wanted to purchase a bag. It was a PAPER BAG and when I asked why & not plastic, I was told how it was company wide to just stop using plastic.

The next store I went to, I was offered to purchase a plastic bag, but even the store owner said it was pretty "whack". They were more flimsy, ripped easy, but they were green and very recyclable, but you had to take it to a certain place to recycled. (Once again, this was on my Tri-Cities trip). When I told the clerk no thank you, and with all that extra work, I don't see the point and I'd just carry must stuff. He kind of agreed, but did say how it does help reduce the use of plastic, so it was doing the job. To which I said, true, but that also means I'll probably stop shopping on random whims as much. That's just me, sorry economy.

My third interaction that dealt with a bag, was straight and forward. At a gas station, bought some munchies, I was asked, if I wanted to purchase a bag, I used the the line from the late, great comedian Mitch Hedberg... "Naa man, I'll just juggle".

So besides buying less and learning to juggle, I thought of some other ideas to replace your plastic bags! You know, things that are "outside of the box" that aren't your normal type of bags or boxes. Here's what I've come up with!


It works for well for carrying, wood, dirt, why not your groceries!

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Pillow Case

It holds possibly the most important, comfortable thing in your house, so it sure as hell can hold a 2-liter of Dr. pepper.

Trick Or Treat Buckets

Great for candy, from neighbors, and the store!

Little Red Wagon

If you think of it, it's kind of a "reverse-cart", put your stuff in it, and pull instead of push!

Holding the front of your T-Shirt that you're wearing like a pouch

I use to do this when I was little and needed to get my action figures into a different room of my house. It stretched out my shirt, so you think I would have learned not to do it. I now do it with six packs that do not have the plastic ring holder.

Significant Other

This was my wife's idea. But ladies, be warned, if you have us carry your purse, that's less groceries that we can carry.

What do you plan to use? Or are you going to be like me, and help save the environment by saving money?


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