Our tanks runneth over
The most recent session of the Washington State Legislature has just wrapped up, and one of the biggest bills that was passed was a $16 BILLION transportation package. How will this be paid for? By increasing the gasoline tax, of course!
State Rep. Dave Taylor Talks 10 Cent Gas Tax Increase
Earlier this morning, I had 15th District Washington State Representative David Taylor (R-Moxee) on "The Big Show."
He enlightened us on the most recent special session of the congress called by Governor Inslee and the prospect of a 10 cent-per-gallon gasoline tax hike...
How To File an Extension For Your 2010 Taxes
Because of Emancipation Day, a little known Washington D.C. holiday that this year is being celebrated on April 15, US taxpayers had until April 18 to file their taxes.
For some people that still won't be enough time to get all their papers in order. If you find yourself in that boat, you can file fo…

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