Last night's election results showed only 30% in favor for the plaza with 69% against it. Most seemed to claim they didn't want their favorite place to park removed for their downtown shopping experience. If that's the case, where else could we put the plaza in Yakima? Here are my top pics.

The old Track 21 location.
Front Street and Yakima has to be the original intersection of Yakima as that's where the train cuts through town and the street number reset from Street to Avenue. This is my favorite location as it's also street-side so people can see what's happening.

The old Yakima Mall.
This would involve tearing down the mall which is currently the Hilton Garden Inn, but what a great spot for activities! You could even hold events inside the mall if you didn't tear it down so stuff could be happening, rain or shine.

Corner of Pendleton and Naches, behind the Yakima Mall
It used to be a parking spot for the mall. Now many may use it to park and go to the Yakima-Herald, maybe. I'm not sure. The parking lot is always empty so there shouldn't be any complaints. It's also about the same size at the original plaza location.

I, personally, would've preferred any of those over the original location. I would like to see a plaza in town, but don't want buildings obstructing the view of the fun people are having as an invitation to join them. In the meantime, though, Yakima voted no to the plaza and we move on.

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