The ease with which total decimation of an entire salmon run can happen is scary.

It's also downright tragic.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife released video of WDFW police officers pulling nets full of poached salmon that stretched across the entire waterway. The action was swift, giving up on any chance for potential surveillance as officers did their best to try and rescue what was left of the run.

According to WDFW officers, a report of a gill net in McAllister Creek prompted WDFW to head out and inspect the creek.

When the officers arrived on scene they located two nets set about 250 yards apart with both nets completely blocking the stream. Officers also found signs of egging (stripping the fish of eggs) on the bank and observed fish hitting the nets.

The net’s corks were bobbing from the live fish, which led to officers Haw and Jewett deciding to try and save an already decimated significant portion of the small stream's entire late run of wild Chums.

According to WDFW, the nets were pulled and many of the females were able to be released however many were dead.

Police said Chum salmon eggs are commonly sold as caviar in both domestic and international markets and may be the incentive behind this alleged poaching.

WDFW Police are asking anyone with information to call 360-902-2936.

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