As not only the year, but the decade comes closer and closer to the end, we all look forward to the "Year In Reviews" that pop up. Like "Rock's Biggest Acts", "Miserable States", "Biggest Stories (Rock)", "Most Searched Albums" but my personal favorite is PornHub's 7th Annual, Year in (rear end) Review. (I added the rear end, because I thought it sounded funny).

You might think, "gross", "who cares", "why does this matter" and you are probably right. For some (me), it's interesting, and the the mASSively popular porn site, has several breakdowns. Besides, the most searched genera, they break it down to most searched/viewed in different countries, top fetishes, men vs women, top star, time of day, day of week, systems used to do the looking etc. The break downs go on & on, much like searches for "your mom". For the full break down, you can check out The 2019 Year in review - PornHub site. The site is full of beautiful, tasteful... charts & graphs. Don't worry, this page is pretty clean, as long as "words" don't offend you. If stuff like that does upset you, then why did you click on this story in the first place? The site also gives you the comparisons from the past 2 years and commentary on how the times be changing! Below are just the tip of the stats that I was most interested in.

The world is addicted: In 2019 42 Billion visits to PornHub, which shows that an average of 115 million visits to the site... PER DAY! Another way to think about it... the populations of Canada, Australia, Poland and the Netherlands all visiting in one day!

With over 11.5 Million Comments on videos, the most commented words: good, love, like, sexy, pretty , nice. What about those people that just "LIKE" something? Well those thumbs up were clicked over 203 Million times.

The Searches that DEFINED 2019 (most spiked):
1 - Amateur
2 - Alien (Thank you Raiding Area 51 event... I guess)
3 - POV (Point of view/first person perspective)
4 - Belle Delphine (Cosplayer)
5 - Cosplay
6 - Mature
7 - Bisexual
8 - Apex Legends (video game)
9 - ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, sounds, relaxation, etc.)
10 - Femdom

Top Category Searched:
1 - Japanese
2 - Lesbian
3 - Amateur
4 - Hentai
5 - Milf
6 - Ebony
7 - Anal
8 - Mature
9 - Threesome
10 - Big Tits
11 - Popular With Women

biggest boobs ever in American flag bikini

Top Countries Searching!:
1 - USA (#1 Baby! Murica!) (Average time spent per visit 10 min 36 sec)
2 - Japan (Average time spent per visit 9 min 23 sec)
3 - United Kingdom (Average time spent per visit 10 min 20 sec)
4 - Canada (Average time spent per visit 10 min 23 sec)
5 - France (Average time spent per visit 10 min 23 sec)

Top Searched Porn Stars:
1 - Lana Rhoades (with 345 Million videos on the site)
2 - Mia Khalifa (with 269 Million videos on the site)
3 - Riley Reid (with 585 Million videos on the site)
4 - Abella Danger (with 308 Million videos on the site)
5 - Brandi Love (with 239 Million videos on the site)

Sadly, only 2 of Timmy's favs made the top 20, Lena Paul coming in at #14 & Adriana Chechik at #10. Don't worry, they also have stats on top Male & "Verified Amateur" on the site.

Women seemed to search for more Lesbian and threesome videos versus the male viewing habits of searching for Japanese & amateurs. But when they were searching, most likely it was around 11pm on a Sunday and 76.6% of them were doing it on their phone! Yeah, PornHub has all that info! Happy New Year to Dirty Big Brother!





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