YouTube's Joel Hansen is no stranger to competitive food eating. From a seven foot long shawarma to the worlds biggest BBQ challenge and so much more featured on his channel, he travels around in attempt to demolish these local food challenges. Joel made an appearance in Yakima not too long ago after hearing of the Impossible Burrito Challenge at our own Firing Center in Selah.

This monstrosity Bullrito is $20 but if you finish it in 7 minutes you get the jackpot. As of this time it was set at $640. Cue competitive eater Joel Hansen who was up for the challenge. He said this may be his most challenged attempt yet!

I love his technique of not wasting any bites. He always had water on hand as well and just devoured it as quickly as he could. This video is in two parts. You see him attempt the challenge, then again but with what was going through his head as he was trying to complete this challenge on time. At the end of the video is his thoughts on driving to Yakima (he flew in from Seattle and drove the rest of the way).

He attempted another local challenge. We'll post that video when he does.

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