Do you own a Tesla? Do you want to own a Tesla? Is it really the type of car many of us fantasized about driving when we watched Knight Rider episodes back in the 80s? It seems like those cars can do everything but a "turbo boost" jump and solve crimes (but give them time).

In a recent Reddit post, a user posed the question:

"Have Teslas replaced BMWs as the official car of the D-bag?"

Let me turn on the headlights and illuminate you if you are in the dark about what the question means. It's been long and widely felt that BMW drivers were ruder, more obnoxious, and just @$$holes when it came to the rules of the road and respect for other motorists. Some are starting to question if the BMW is old news and a Tesla is a new status symbol of rudeness.

The primary example that user LostByMonsters posted was a picture of a Tesla parked halfway in the middle of a crosswalk.

"Watched this dude park his Tesla in the crosswalk in Magnolia while he ran into Starbucks. Multiple [people] walked through the crosswalk while he was inside." – LostByMonsters

My honest opinion is that Tesla is not the new official car of the D-Bag. I've only ridden in one (while I attempted to use the vehicle for ghost-hunting), and the driver was very mindful of the rules of the road and surrounding cars and property.

Red Tesla Logo, computer screen with an image of cars and figures walking around it, and a bearded man with a ghost busters hat, looking skeptical.
Tesla - YouTube/SWNS - tsm/Timmy!

The only time he did anything that MIGHT have been questionable was when he answered my question about how quickly it could get up to speed (I was impressed).

I think that in today's world full of drivers, D-bags are everywhere, no matter what type of steering wheel they hold. What do you think? Are Tesla drivers the new D-bags, or are there D-bags everywhere? (That's what I'm leaning towards). Tap the App and let us know!

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