The Bhagavad Gita once said "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Where as Lindsay Istace, the founder of Rage Yoga has said how it (Rage Yoga) has "the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f***."

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Rage Yoga is like regular yoga, except where traditional yoga promotes peace and quietness, Rage practices bad humor, cussing and just letting your anger out, and then having a beer. It still brings with it the practices of proper breathing and stretching, but also a bit of attitude.

Texas Rage Yoga instructor Ashley Duzich was featured in a CBS News segment (below), and has commented how "We are all angry about something and we all have been holding onto an ‘F’-bomb for a little bit too long. So that’s what this does – is – it allows you to have a safe space to let go of your and frustration and rage in a healthy way… and then also wash it all away with some ice cold beer."

If you are interested in joining a class, sadly you'll have to head to Canada or Texas, but online classes are available at If you're interested in becoming an instructor, you'll need to complete a minimum of 200 hours of yoga instructor certification. To learn more of what Rage Yoga is about, just check out the video from the founder, Lindsay Istace, below.

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