Man, oh man, my friend Gloria splurged on me. I don’t think I owe her anything, but she found some new treats for me to try and review and help spread the word. The delicious, delicious word. Or is it delicious? That is what we’re about to find out!


This is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for this brand of carbonated beverage or any carbonated beverage. I must also say that this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement AGAINST this brand of carbonated beverage or any carbonated beverage. I’m just a guy who loves soda, and my friend purchased it with her own money and gave it to me without compensation or promise of payment in any form.


The Review of Mtn Dew Summer Freeze!

There have been a couple of “blue” Mtn Dews, and if I remember correctly, my favorite was the brand called Voltage. If I had to pick my favorite flavor of Mtn Dew, it would be the Code Red variety. The worst flavor I have had has got to be the Flamin’ Hot flavor! Check out my review of that here.

At first drink, it tasted like a carbonated Blue ICEE not frozen. Not bad, very sweet. After about 10 ounces, I was pretty much done with it. Looking online at the Mtn Dew Wiki (yes, one exists), the soda is a “Cherry, Lemon, and Raspberry popsicle flavor of soda.” I think it’s good enough to try, but there’s a reason this is a limited release.

A Second Opinion Of Summer Freeze.

My friend had half the bottle so that I could get a 2nd opinion. What are his qualifications for being a soda taste tester? He likes soda, and he’s a pharmacist, the profession that created soda pop! His take is that it’s blue raspberry pop, sweeter than he cares for.

“I’ll drink it if it’s there, like with the flamin’ dew, but I doubt I’d grab one on my own.” – Eugene the Pharmacist.


Nutrient facts of Mtn Dew Summer Freeze

Now you know before you let the soda flow. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm just happy company's like PepsiCo, Inc, are trying new things! Keep them coming! Will you give it a sip, or have you already tried it? If so, what do you think? Tap the App and let us know!

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