I swear I thought today was "Take Your Child To Work Day", but it turns out, according to google, that happened on April 22nd. So I missed it. Oh well. Full disclosure, Todd took the day off, I'm having some work done to my house, so I warned everyone at the radio station who has pet allergies to stay out of the KATS studio, because Rusty & I are gonna rock!

Man's best friend may just rock as hard as we do. Now before you pick up your punk rockin' pup and get him to throw the paws up to make some horns and officially turn him into a demon dog, remember, K9's have very sensitive hearing, so even though we may like it cranked, your musically minded mutt might not. So, this morning in the studio, taking my own advice, we rocked hard... not super loud though, (don't want to scare the older folks down the hall at the news station). I looked at Rusty, and asked what he'd like to hear in between the Things You Need To Know, WTF's & Shower Thoughts... these are the songs he wanted (I assume).


Alice In Chains - Them Bones: You're going to see the theme of bones often in this list. Dogs love bones! In fact, many believe that is the reason why Dogs lick us so much, not because they love us and our friends, but they see us as gigantic tootsie pops and are curious how many licks it takes to get to the center... to the bone!

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back: When any male dogs get that feeling, they're looking for one of 3 things: their favorite pillow, a leg, or a lady dog, i.e. a bitch. I told him that sadly we don't really play Elton John anymore.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Foxy Lady: A cousin of the dog in the animal kingdom, I can see a dog digging a song about a fox!

Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out: Yes not a rock song, but Rusty insisted I play it, so I walked him to the next studio. He got all excited! Either that or he needed to use the tree.

AC/DC - Givin' The Dog A Bone: I'm not sure, but I think this might be his favorite. It has a bone, it has a dog, it has someone giving that dog that bone, Everything a happy pup could want!

Theory of a Deadman - RX: I'm not really sure why he insisted on this one... but if I had to guess, he likes the whistling. I know damn good and well he won't eat pills unless their in cheese!

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon: This one is obvious, there's a moon... it's not gonna bark at it's self!

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad To The Bone: Even though he's always a good boy, (like all dogs are good boys & girls), that's what makes this song such a favorite (I assume). It lets them let out their inner beast, before being told "no", "stop" & "leave it". Plus it's another bone song, and once again, show me a dog that doesn't love bones, and I'll show you a cat!

All and all, Rusty had a good morning with Papa Tim. No accidents, no biting, he even got underneath the counter where the cleaning staff doesn't and had his named changed from Rusty to Dusty. Not a bad Friday!

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