The discussion is ongoing as to what the worst city in Washington is, people, have a debate that some of the smaller towns are the worst while others say the big cities like Seattle are the real problem.

We did some investigating and found through rising in crime, inflation, and public views on which are truly the scariest cities in all of Washington. This will also include visiting as well as living in. Some people have discussed that even visiting some of these cities causes them to keep their doors locked and vigilant of anyone in case of danger.

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Some debate saying that these are old rumors, unwarranted hate, and distaste for the city or town itself. instead of going just on people's reviews of a city, we looked at the highest crime rates in cities, drug epidemics, homelessness, and other variations that could play a role in the stigma based around some of these cities.

Without a doubt, bigger cities will make the list but some of the smaller towns may shock you as they've kept a good reputation tho they have some of the bigger problems surrounding our state. Instead of going into detail of which is worse, what place has the most issues or what crimes are taking place we'll just give you the list and let you decide if they belong there or not.

  • 10.) Tukwilla 
  • 9.) Yakima
  • 8.) Burien
  • 7.) Tacoma
  • 6.) Centralia
  • 5.) Auburn
  • 4.) Spokane
  • 3.) Seatac
  • 2.) Longview
  • 1.) Seattle

Each one of these cities have had multiple problems involving the listed issues above. Some are making leaps and bounds in way of turning their homes around and re-beautifying their city. It's not done overnight and the issues still wage on across the state. Does this make you rethink of the place you call home, or do you see more good than the bad? Tap the app and let us know.


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