A young lad in the UK, saw something, said something, and then drew something! 10-year-old Ryan Cook, a student at Lemington Riverside Primary School in England saw someone he didn't know, and who looked suspicious. So he narced to his parents & teachers and school staff about the stranger, as was the right thing to do. Police were notified and young Mr. Cook drew a picture (Timmy's rendering of artists rendering above) to help aide police.

The man turned out to be an official visitor, and okay to be on the school grounds, and Ryan was praised for doing what he felt was the right thing. According to Chronicle live UK, when asked what he thought of everything, Ryan commented:

I think my teachers will be really proud of me for telling my mum and dad about what I had seen. I am happy that I was able to help the police and that it wasn't anything bad in the end.

Head teacher Craig Heeley also commented:

It's pleasing that our safeguarding procedures work and our children are reporting any concerns to trusted adults.

The part of this story that I find so awesome, is the fine folks with photoshop. To see what I mean, check out the source where I found the original story, to see pics of the Ryan with his award as well as his original drawing, plus the fine photoshop work of the internet.

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