The Seattle Seahawks continued the makeover of their coaching staff by pilfering yet another member of their NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams cupboard as they announced the hiring of Andy Dickerson.

Dickerson was named Seattle's run-game coordinator. He will join the Hawks along with Shane Waldron who was named the Hawks new Offensive Coordinator replacing the recently departed Brian Schottenheimer at that position.

Dickerson has spent the last nine seasons with the Rams as their Assistant Offensive Line Coach. Previously, he has been employed by the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots in varying capacities.

Dickerson has been instrumental in helping to develop the Rams into one of the best pass blocking teams in the league as well as one of the best rushing teams over the last four seasons as well.

Along with Waldron's departure, Dickerson and he become the fifth and sixth members of Sean McVay's coaching tree to leave the Rams organization in this offseason.

Addition by subtraction or, simply, the best men for the job? Either way, it appears that something is afoot in L.A. and the optics of it do not look good. This was a team that was in the Super Bowl just three years ago and now coaches are jumping ship like rats on the Titanic.

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