The XFL first started back in 2001 when Vince McMahon started the franchise to rival the National Football League. Sadly the viewership just wasn't there, the world was still in shock from the events of 9/11, and investing the time into a new football league just wasn't interesting to anyone.

However the XFL made its glorious return in 2020, and people all over the country were getting excited for more football and a chance to see it played in a different way. Fans packed stadiums and even bought season tickets excited to watch the XFL unfold in front of their eyes. That's when Covid struck and the lockdown started to shut down everything everywhere. The XFL once again had to call it quits before it even got off the ground.

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If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin

Then in stepped Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson former WWE wrestler and now a world-famous Movie Star. However, before he was the Rock he was just Dwayne Johnson, he attended The University of Miami and played on their football team with a scholarship. After college, Dwayne watched the NFL draft in hopes to hear his name called, but it never was. So he took his skills and went up to Canada to play in the Canadian Football League, it wasn't long till after he was cut.

So with a background in the world of Football and a love for sports entertainment he took it upon himself to buy the league with other backers and give it one last shot. Now the XFL returns in 2023 with zero restrictions and a chance for fans to have more football throughout the year.

2023 Season

The Sea Dragons will Kick off their new season in February of 2023, fans can now reserve tickets online. You can also take advantage of their online shop with 20% off. Tho the Schedule of when they play has been released, there's no confirmation on who they'll be playing against until we get closer to the new year. They will be playing at Lumen Field

Check out their Video announcing the Return of the Sea Dragons. 
Check out their Offical Website Below

The XFL Sea Dragons Website


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