It was a crazy day in Seahawk-ville today (January 12) with some good and bad (?) news.Following a sudden, surprising end to their 2020 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks announced that they have locked General Manager John Schneider up through the 2027 draft. Then, the other shoe fell...

Later in the day, the team also announced that they were parting ways with Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer after three years calling plays.

Schneider, along with Head Coach Pete Carroll, have teamed to become one of the most successful tandems in the league. Since being hired in 2010, the duo has reached the playoffs in 9 out of 11 seasons with two Super Bowl appearances and one championship.

Schottenheimer, or "Schotty", didn't fare as well. After being one of the top offensive teams through the first half of the year, the Seahawks offense began to stall and seemed to struggle with its own identity. That idea was somewhat confirmed as, on their official Twitter page, the Seahawks cited "philosophical differences" which, ultimately, led to Schotty's departure.

Hawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to social media to tout Schneider and personally thank Schottenheimer.

Seahawks GM John Schneider through the years

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