Oh, we see them all the time; top 10 places for this, top 20 places for that. Recently there was a list of the top summer destinations and Washington barely makes it into the top 100 -- and I'm okay with this.

Source: WalletHub

Out of every city we have in the United States, Seattle came in 87 place. 87. Of all cities in the United States. Spokane came in 95. Portland Oregon, for what it's worth, came in 42 so that's not too bad and would agree Portland is a pretty cool town.

If you're curious, Orlando, FL came in first place for summer travel destinations.

Many things came into play to come up with this like Seattle was 98 out of 100 for highest local costs. Still, good news for us as you don't have to worry about so many tourists coming in from across the country.

You can still the full list at WalletHub.

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