As they're looking for vaccines safe for youth, Seattle Children's put out the APB to see if parents would be willing to allow their child as young as 6 years old to test the covid vaccine. There some incentives in it for you to the tune of $100 as well as extra cash for keeping a diary.

As of right now, the Pfizer vaccine is allowed for children as young as 12 years old. They're hoping to keep the momentum going by having children as young as 6 years old but, in order to test it properly, they need children that age to test it on.

The goal of this phase 2/phase 3 study is to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of an RNA vaccine candidate against COVID-19 in healthy children.

Your child's efforts won't go unnoticed. In exchange for two doses during this study. It may come in the form of 4 shots as a placebo may be involved. You record any reactions and let them know. In turn you'll receive $100 for each planned visit and an extra $5 for each full of of completing an e-diary.

If interested, visit the Seattle Children's site for more info.

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