The Yakima City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to create a future resolution that could make Yakima a "sanctuary city" -- one where undocumented immigrants would not be prosecuted just for breaking federal immigration laws.

The idea is to ensure that undocumented immigrants feel free to speak with authorities, report crimes and travel without fear of being detained or questioned solely on the basis of their citizenship status. Authorities would not pursue, detain or prosecute undocumented immigrants just to enforce immigration laws.

Only a handful of U.S. cities have adopted such a designation, and President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to cut off federal funding to all "sanctuary cities" on his first day in office.

The City Council set no date to discuss the future resolution. The city legal department is now working on the wording so the city can take action.

Meantime, Yakima has mixed opinions on the idea. What's your thought? Take our poll and weigh in:


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