Little Free Libraries, the small, front yard book exchanges, number 60,000 around the world in 80 countries. Because a school-wide Project Based Learning experience at Desert Oasis High School in Othello, six new libraries will be unveiled at a dedication assembly next Tuesday (Nov. 13).

In an effort to meet the district’s goal to engage 25% of every Othello school, DOHS Principal Joshua Tovar decided that his school’s smaller student enrollment needed a program to increase the literacy rate in the community.

The answer came through the process of building a Little Library which are a neighborhood book exchange that invites community members to take and/or leave a book inside a small structure, oftentimes a small wooden box. The intent is to inspire readers and strengthen communities.

Othello community members are invited to attend the Little Libraries Assembly at 2:15 PM on Tuesday, November 13 at 825 E. Ash in Othello. During the assembly, each advisory class will present on their work, while thanking the many local donors, partners, and clients who came together to make the project a success.

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