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If you’re after some winter action and heaps of adrenaline, and don’t mind a little risk, you may want to consider the snowmobile as the answer to this need. Check out these awe-inspiring snowmobile areas and parks, each with something special to offer. From pristine wilderness and spectacular mountain views, to hair-raising vertical drops, you may discover a passion you never knew you had. So gather your gear, slip on your earmuffs and gloves, and head out into the snow.


West Yellowstone, Montana



The town of West Yellowstone, adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, boasts hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails. While you scoot along the tracks, you can take in all the beauty and wildlife Yellowstone has to offer. The vast network of trails makes this area the ‘snowmobile capital’ of the world. At least that’s what the locals say.


Hicountry Snowmobiles, Facebook

Whistler, British Columbia



For those of you who want to experience some real backcountry snowmobiling, Whistler and the Blackcomb Mountains in Canada give you the chance to shred through some impressive winter landscapes. Rides here offer amazing elevation gains, and unparalleled vistas across the forests and the mountains.


Canadian Snowmobile and All Terrain Adventures, Facebook

Mt. Baker, Washington State



If you want to ride up the face of an active volcano, Mt. Baker in Northern Washington State is where you want to head. These rides are not for the inexperienced. Make sure you know what you’re doing, and where you plan to take your machine, or else go with a knowledgeable guide. You don’t want to crash into a crevasse on a glacier — that would be the end of your ride. This kind of wild fun does come with a price, and a healthy respect for nature.


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Winter Park, Colorado



Winter Park offers the pristine beauty, and the absolute thrill of riding through the Rocky Mountains, all the way up to the heights of the Continental Divide. There you can maneuver your machine along groomed trails at 12,000 feet. Just imagine the dramatic views, and the heart-racing fun you’ll have shooting back down.


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The Porcupine Mountains, Michigan



The Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, affectionately known as the ‘Porkies,’ provides snowmobile enthusiasts an unprecedented winter wonderland in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Virgin forests, and more lakes and untamed rivers than you’ll ever be able to count, comprise the terrain you’ll be skirting across. With views of majestic Lake Superior, and all of the snow-covered trails you could ask for, the Porcupine Mountains make the perfect spot for a snowmobiling adventure.


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