Today, June 1st 2012, marks the first day that alcohol can be sold in local grocery stores in Washington state. Some 17 year old kid already tried to shoplift what he's not legally allowed to buy for another 5 years.

Don't worry, this didn't happen in Yakima, this was in Spokane. The store opened at 6am and this crime almost happened only half an hour into the first day of booze sales. According to the Spokane police report, he walked up to the counter as if he was going to buy a couple bottles of Hennesy, but then darted out the door. He didn't make it to the car where his friend were waiting for him. To make matters worse for this kid, he was already drunk and even attempted to take a swing using one of the bottles at one of the employees. What started out as a basic shoplift turned into a felony since he tried to fight.

Don't be a dumbass! Shoplifting is a crime, swinging at an employee makes it a double-crime and, just so you know, every alcohol bottle is tagged with security strips so you'll beep on the way out.

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