As of at least this morning, Sporthaus in Yakima, on Summitview Ave, features a very interesting message on their store sign. The sign reads: "Thank you to the good samaritan who helped us catch the shoplifters."

So what's the story behind the sign? Sporthaus owner Sig Fossum told us this morning it relates to a couple of shoplifters who hit SportHaus on Monday night.

The couple, says Fossum, lingered in the store for about 45 minutes, looking around at several items and attracting the suspicion of one store employee.

The good samaritan, who was also suspicious, told the staff, who by the time realized they had been shoplifted, that he saw the couple in question walking down Summitview Ave, carrying items from Sporthaus. Fossum confronted the couple by the side of the road, and the couple were dropping items as he chased them around Summitview area.

Based on the tip, Yakima police arrested the couple.

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