Comedy Central’s boundary-pushing ‘South Park’ is known for its controversial sense of humor, and its most recent episode, ‘#HappyHolograms,’ was no exception.

During the episode, the ‘South Park’ kids decide to put on a holiday television special chock full of hot-button topics -- everyone from the Washington Redskins to Bill Cosby were fair game for the 'South Park' showrunners. You can watch the full episode above.

If you skip ahead to the 12:30 mark, though, you’ll see where the show’s creators decided to take a jab at Kurt Cobain’s death. The late Nirvana frontman appears in hologram form on the Christmas special singing ‘Up On the Rooftop’ while wielding a shotgun. When he pulls the trigger, a flag bearing “Merry Christmas” on it pops out.

As the hologram Cobain sings, a ticker of tweets scrolls at the bottom of the screen, where viewers wrote “#courtneydidit” and “Smashing Pumpkins were better.”

What do you think? Is this typical ‘South Park’ humor, or did the show take their jokes a little too far this time around? Let us know in the comments section below.

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