I think every guy I know had delusions of grandeur this week about what was going to happen on Saturday.

I hope you were lucky enough to make it out to Dozer Day, and if you did, thanks! For those of you struggling with the flooding going on in our community, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

The fact is, not a lot of us got to go fishing. But given that most of us are fortunate not to be dealing with losing half the house if not more to muddy water, I apologize if my talk about giving the house a full overhaul seems indifferent. My mind was actually on those folks first thing this morning. I tried to keep things light as I did my Saturday morning on KATS, but I kept thinking about what I was going to do in the afternoon.

It actually led to my afternoon getting turned into me completely filling the back of my van with clothes to donate. And one project leads to another and another and before I know it I have been suckered into running all over creation and lifting couches by the end of the afternoon.

The Spring Cleaning has begun apparently and it's all my fault.

But I could be dealing with worse things.

Since I loaded up the van with donation bags, I took my new Subaru Tribeca to Costco. Now I know that you can understand the dangers of a good deal and a long day leading someone to forget logistics.

Once I got into Costco, I forgot what rig I was in once I started finding samples to hunt. After all, I had to earn my trip to Costco by cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer. I managed to make the kids lunch, but neglected to eat anything myself.

On my hunt and leaving my shopping decisions up to my stomach apparently, I bought a surprising amount of the things I sampled. I also forgot my recyclable bags in my van.

Then I found the special on the large area rugs.

Yes, it fit in the shopping cart. No, no one around me was happy about it. Especially because I was weaving thru foot traffic to get samples. I was on the hunt, remember.

I just sat my arm on the carpet while I drove home.

Did I mention that I found a yard sale with a set of couches? Yeah, with a full load that meant driving back and forth to get the love seat, too.

And with that, spring is officially here.


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