Have you been secretly writing down jokes in a notebook? Do you feel larger than life when you make someone laugh? Do you practice your own material in the mirror in the morning? If you said yes to any of these questions we suggest finally getting up on stage and trying out your jokes.

In order to do that you'll need some places that offer a chance for people who aren't in the comedy business to let you up on stage. Lucky for you the Yakima Valley is the perfect proving ground. There are plenty of places that host open mic nights in the Yakima Valley for you to check out. We put a list together with the top 3 places for you to start your stand-up career, check them out below!

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3.) North Town Coffee House

We suggest having some water before you head up on stage so you don't get the coffee jitters while delivering your first joke. That's right, Northtown Coffee House hosts open Mic Nights every Sunday at 6 pm in the Yakima Valley. After you're down with your show we suggest rewarding yourself with some of that Mak Daddy coffee!

2.) Bills Place

Bills Place may be one of the oldest Bars in Washington, but they've constantly stayed up with the times. Every Wednesday is Open Mic night for Comedians and musicians. Grab your joke book and get ready to take the stage and make some new fans, who knows maybe someone will buy you a drink after they learn how funny you are. Bills Place is located at 2013 W Lincoln Ave in Yakima

1.) Punks Bar

Punks Bar hosts Open Mic nights for bands, musicians and you guessed it, Comedians. Every Monday at 8 pm you can come out to Punks Bar for the Comedy Open Mic night and show off your skills, maybe you'll even make some new friends with connections into the comedy world of Yakima. Punks Bar is located at 31 N 1st Ave in Yakima.

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