Out of all the things that I felt were wrong with Star Wars: The Las Jedi, the character of Rose Tiko, played by Kelly Marie Tran, was not one of them. Yes, she didn't really add much to the movie, but then again (in my opinion) neither did the whole Canto Bight sub plot. Needless to say, she's there, she's "cannon" and she is the first Asian Female lead in a Star Wars movie. Most would say that is a great thing, but some A**holes on the internet who claim to be Star Wars fans don't think so. Poor Kelly has been harassed with racist and sexist comments for the past several months, and her only crime is... being in a STAR WARS MOVIE! She has removed herself from social media leaving on her bio a black and white profile picture and the quote “Afraid, but doing it anyway.

Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Sceen Grab
Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Sceen Grab

Yes Rose might have been a "throw away" character that was given more screen time than needed, but Kelly's acting was spot on, and did bring likeability to the role. Some will say that by Kelly's character Rose being in the spot light for so much of the Star Wars film, that finally people with Asian decent have someone they can cosplay as, instead of being, what I have heard called and I think is stupid, "Asian Rey" or "Asian Han". Maybe you can dress up as Rose for the Central City Comic Con happening in Ellensburg in October.

Growing up not only a Star Wars fan, but also a fat kid, I was bullied. And if I have any words to give to Kelly, it would be these... "Screw them, you're in Star Wars, they're not, they can suck it!"

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