A lot of celebrities do it, but most of the time they don’t want to be found out. We all have urges and needs and sometimes we have to go to a sex club to get those worked out. Wheelchair-bound physicist and all around genius Stephen Hawking is no different.

It’s true. Radar Online has found a source who claims that Stephen Hawking has spent more than one evening at a California swingers’ club called Freedom Acres. The source said he usually arrives with an entourage of nurses and assistants who stand by while naked women grind on the world’s smartest man. It’s just how you described the nursing home to Grandpa. Sucker!

Hawking, who is 70 years old, is wheelchair-bound as a result of a long battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The source said, “I have seen Stephen Hawking at the club more than a handful of times. Last time I saw him, he was in the back ‘play area’ laying on a bed fully clothed with two naked women gyrating all over him.” He also claimed to have spoken with Hawking there several times and said that Hawking will take photos with people in neutral areas in the club.

He is probably just working on his theory of gravity on dollar bills and the proper principles to ‘makie it rain.’

[Via Radar Online]