Last night we had one heck of a storm here in Yakima Valley!The storm was fun and crazy to watch and a little scarey!

I told my youngest daughter Payge about the severe storm that we had in Billings Montana 2 years ago in June! My oldest daughter Mykel and I were in Montana 2010 when a tornado hit.

I said that it was exactly like this so we need to pay attention and if it starts hailing we need to make sure that we are secure.

I took a couple  more photos of the storm, turned around, and Payge was no where to be found!

I went in the back room and she had brought out blankets, animal crackers, regular crackers and in Baggies she put ice and drinks for us! Me and Bubba got beer and she put the Apple Cider in there for her! That is hilarious! Storm preparation at its finest!