Tonight a Super Buck Moon rises at about 9:57 pm in the Pacific Northwest.

Why is it super?

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Tonight, the moon will be 7% closer to the Earth than normal, shining bigger and brighter, Buck because at this time of year young bucks are shedding their antlers. A perfect time also to shed the things that are no longer serving you!

Let It Go

Think about something that you have continuously done that has only caused you irritation, or heartache, insert whatever you are feeling, and remove it tonight.  Make a distinct decision to say I am no longer chained to INSERT ACTION.

Here's An for Example

I am done with overeating, I am happy and I am healthy

Creating Affirmations

Always start with I am and keep it positive. Tonight you're going to seal the affirmation and release it into the Universe.

Everybody's got their struggles but your struggles are not you. So let's set some boundaries and goals for ourselves. Let go of things that really aren't fulfilling to your heart and soul

Options to Get You Started

No pressure on taking on too many tasks, it takes baby steps to get into a routine that you're comfortable with but just know, that every step is moving you closer to a happier, more fulfilled life. I hope you have a wonderful evening fun fact, the moon is always available to enjoy the day before and after a full moon, shining almost as bright so if you can't make it out tonight, you're good!



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