You might have noticed the moon looking extra bright last night. She was glowing so pretty at 99%. Do you know what that means? Full Moon tonight baby!

What is the Story With Tonights Full Moon?

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It's Called the Sturgeon Super Moon

And you just thought it was another day. Nope! This is the perfect time to let your **** go! The moon will be full and 10% closer to the earth so tonight makes it not only super but the last super full moon of this yea! So as we all appreciate how beautiful nature is, we also can celebrate closure. You know you have baggage, tonight let's let as much of that go as we can. We can learn lessons and we can ask for forgiveness but we can't change what has already come to pass, we can only strive to be ******** awesome every day moving forward. Ya, dig?

This is the best time of year to catch sturgeon and after finding the definition of what a sturgeon stands for from I like this name even more

Strong, adaptive, and resilient for countless millennia, the sturgeon represents perseverance of spirit, which is something that many folks might need with winter just around the corner

I'm not saying winters coming but these long summer nights will be fading fast so it's time to soak up the moment and enjoy as much as we can. If you're charging moon water (leaving a clear bottle filled with water outside just make sure to bring it in before sunrise) I feel like any amount of time is great. Also, your crystals can recharge as well. Don't have any? Here are a few spots around town to snag some before the sunsets!

Cascade Gardens

Soul Seeker

Three Sisters Metaphysical

Bri-Cho Spa & Coffee Bar

Mystic Soul

Lotus of the Moon

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