No one is perfect. We all carry the weight of past mistakes along with hope for the future. We worry about things that are out of our control and care about people that sometimes could care less about us. Our lives are full of moments where we either learn something or keep repeating the same types of circumstances until the light bulb goes off.

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None of us are getting out of this thing alive but while we are here, we should really make the best of it. A gentle reminder that as you grow, it's not healthy to obsess or try to control other people's reactions to your bluntness, your acknowledged mistakes along with apologies. Once you bring to light that which we keep in the dark. It's time to move forward and let the past be just that. The time has come to work on YOUR unique set of skills.

We all have them and tonight, as the Full Moon rises I wanted to highlight five local spots to check-out, to assist in sending your intentions into the Universe. Releasing the pent-up energy and open the door to new and exciting experiences.

Soul Seeker

I spoke with the owner, Rebecca Gibbs, and she mentioned a really great way to release old energy is getting a piercing. I have been coming to her shop since I was in high school. It features journals, essential oils, sage, and more. She is open 12 pm - 5 pm Monday - Friday and would LOVE for you to book an appointment via her Facebook page or call 509-457-2160

Three Sisters Metaphysical

This is the spot to swing by and grab a deck of tarot cards or some palo santo, one of my favorite smells and super relaxing to burn. Aks any questions that you have and don't be shy. This is an adventure and honestly, it's fun to go in and pick a crystal or rock to add to your collection then go home and research why you were drawn to this or that. Located 106 S 2nd St, Yakima, WA 98901 and open from 12 p - 5 pm Monday - Friday and Saturday 12 pm - 3 pm.

Bri Cho Spa and Coffee Bar

Today was the first time I have ever heard of this spot, suggested by Rebecca from Soul Seeker and I am BLOWN away. She features handmade Turkish lamps, crystal collections even a skincare line on top of the massages. Need a coffee while you peruse? She's got that too! Located at 222 N 2nd St, Yakima, WA 98901, and are open from 7:30 am - 3 pm daily.

Cascade Gardens Inside Valley Mall

I've been wandering into this shop after Kids Club on Wednesdays and they are so much more than a plant shop. They've begun selling crystals and gorgeous rose quartz stones. They have pens filled with crystals, fancy candles, and even sage. You could find a new plant baby and a fancy pen to write down your intentions under the light of the Full Moon.

Yakima Bead Rocks and Candy Emporium

You can't go wrong with a shop that not only features all kinds of beautiful rocks and gems but also serves up a hearty selection of chocolates and other treats from Boehm's Candy out of Issaquah, Washington. Located at 5645 Summitview Ave, Yakima, WA 98908, and are open 10 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday and 10 am - 5 pm Saturdays.

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