Two of my biggest passions are video games and playing musical instruments, whether I actually know how to play them or not. Combine them both and you have me attempting to play video game music. Instead of showing you boring videos of me trying to play music from Final Fantasy on the piano, where there are tons already available on the Internet, I'd rather show you how to play these songs so you can impress your friends.

One of the easiest songs you can play is the invincible 'star theme' from Super Mario Bros. Super repetitive and super familiar. Here's how to play it.

I apologize for the fast talking, but Instagram only gives me 15 seconds. It's really all you need. Even if you have zero piano skills, I promise anyone can play this song.

Any requests for other video game songs you want to learn how to play? Let me know in the comments or email me directly and I'll see about making it happen!