Prisoner of love?
This week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us:
A fourth-grader in Hillsborough, Fla., is being threatened by his school with criminal sexual harassment charges ... for writing "love notes" to the girl he has a crush on.
Sniffer Sweet!
Everyone has something that gets them going. I like to go to the beach. A man in Florida likes to sniff woman's feet!
Same old story
Stop me when this sounds familiar.
You're sitting in a cafe near a Florida beach when a 26-year-old woman walks in, takes off her bikini top and starts tugging her nipple rings.
WTF Florida?
Lot of weird news in the year of 2014... but when it comes to the weird & the stupid, Florida takes the cake. Here's a snippet of some of the headlines out of Florida this year.

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