The Tacoma Guitar Festival Is April 29th & 30th
If you love everything there is to love about guitars, you'll love the Tacoma Guitar Festival, coming up this weekend (April 29-30).
And if you also love free things, you'll love what Todd & Hendo are doing today -- they're giving away free passes to the event. Just listen for&…
Turning 85 rocks!
Ted Brown Music is celebrating its 85th anniversary on Saturday, and 94.5 KATS-FM and Kelly West will be there, joining in on the celebration. Ted Brown Music will have some amazing prizes to give away and live music all day long!
Who's the greatest of them all?
Andy and I were arguing musing over rock guitarists this morning, and we realized it's nearly impossible to say which ONE could be considered the best of all time.
From the classic eras to heavy metal, rock has a rich history of outstanding artists...
Sleepy Rocker
youtube channel: soylentcola
One of thee best pranks... that really rocks! Check this out and just try to not headbang!
Chicks dig the licks
This video is proof that it doesn't matter what the guy looks, like or if he is even a real rocker. Chicks will always dig the guitar!
Amazing Kid!
This kid has some fingering that is for sure. He is rocking it to 'Lamb Of God's' 'Walk With Me In Hell'!

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