How does a 60-year-old man whose brother just retired from rock 'n' roll due to Alzheimer's still find the energy to rock the s**t out of a sold-out crowd at the Tacoma Dome?

I went to Tuesday night's AC/DC show expecting to see a good performance from a band that had probably slowed down a little. But not only have they not slowed down, they performed every anthem as if they'd just written it and were sharing their new riffs with their mates in a garage somewhere. At the end of their set (just before the encore) guitarist Angus Young busted off an 18-minute guitar solo that was epic!

Typically, once one of these mega bands has played together for several decades their stage productions outshine their actual performance. But the stage props, like the giant bell during "Hell's Bells" or a 10-times-life-sized blow-up doll displayed during "Whole Lotta Rosie" (photo above), only served to accentuate Brian Johnson's still cutting, raspy vocals and Young's power chords and timeless riffs.

If these guys hit the scene today as a brand-new band, we'd not only be wowed by their rockin'-ass stadium anthems, we'd talk about them as the best band to hit the rock scene in the last 20 years ... which is a fitting denouement to their place in rock history.

I've enclosed the photos I could take before my damn iPhone ran out of storage. Check them out below.