Quick (and weird) hits
Anyone else wondering what they are going to be doing this weekend?
Well, you could take this guy's idea and practice your piloting skills in a pretty inventive way ...
That got me to thinking about the weirdest/most creative ways true stoners have probably tried to consume weed:

Knife hits: …
It's 4:20 somewhere!
I had the opportunity to tour Life Gardens, a legal marijuana farm, the other day. I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I was about to see an amazing plant, but what I saw makes me happy that I voted for it to be legal. It should have never been illegal.
Try the green boxes
Girl Scout cookie season is upon us. I buy at least 10 boxes of the purple-box ones. I never remember their names, so I hope that they don't change the color of the box. The girls are out in full force going door-to-door, business to business, getting the cookies out there.
So why not set up shop out…
Put a lid on it?
A new Washington state law prohibits open containers of marijuana (similar to open containers of alcohol) starting Sept. 26. I think this is a good idea. What if a child or a dog got into it? Or maybe someone allergic to THC walks up and decides to steal whatever is in your car. They eat the pot or …
Marijuana Fed to Pigs in Seattle Flavor Experiment
SNOHOMISH, Wash. (AP) — Seattle residents can now have marijuana pork chops on the dinner table.
Bolstered by the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state, pig farmer Jeremy Gross and Seattle butcher William von Schneidau began feeding pot excess earlier this year to hogs. It …

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