You've heard the kids say it over and over! "There's nothing to do!" Right now, they're not completely wrong. Even though Yakima has moved into phase 1.5, many places are still closed or are operating with strict guidelines. Keeping a youngster entertained and educating is something more and more parents & guardians are having a tougher time doing. For many, there's turning on the old TV and letting the kids brains go to mush. Please don't do that. Keep your kids interacting with life and learning how it works at the same time!

The fine folks at Yakima Valley Libraries are proud to bring into your house via Zoom, the "React-O-Blast! Science Show"! The show is designed for participants for kids grades Kindergarten through 8th. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry educators will be performing all sorts of experiments. Many that will go BOOM! It's to teach the nature of chemical reactions, some that are predictable and others that are not. Physical versus chemicals changes and science know how! And yes, safety will be a big part of it!

The event is FREE but is limited though, so you need go and get per-registered if you'd like to join in on the fun! You can do that at the Yakima Valley Library React-O-Blast! Online Science Show Page. For more information, check out's calendar page or the Yakima Valley Libraries Facebook Event Page! Don't miss this free event taking place Online via Zoom from 2p till 3p this Wednesday (July 8th) with the Yakima Valley Library & the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry!

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