Death By Snake
That is one snake skin I would love to wear after his finish digesting the crocodile. Two kinds of boots in one.
Snake Crawls On KATS Listener Cindy’s Arm
So, our listener and my friend Cindy went on a mission to prove to me that the snakes in my back yard are not as bad as I think they are. So she stopped and put one on here arm and let it crawl around! Holy crap! She has some guts and crazy all at the same time...
Snake Bites Breast, Snake Dies of Silicone Poisoning [VIDEO]
Before you watch this video, know that it features a snake biting down hard on some woman's fake breast. Now that I watch it again, I'm not 100% sure it a women, but I digress. In what could be the coolest video I've seen all month, this snake takes a chomp of what most guys would want to do but instead of the snake infecting this woman full of deadly venom, the women's breast fights back with a l
Best Bus Ad – Ever
If the paint job on this bus was intended to first get your attention -- it is a success. If it was intended to make you more aware of the "ZOO," it succeeded at several levels of consciousness. If you counted the number of accidents resulting from other drivers and pedestrians staring at the bus instead of paying attention to traffic or where they are driving/walking -- probably not a s