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Star-Spangled Controversy
What with the recent kerfuffle surrounding the American flag and the 'Star-Spangled Banner' at NFL games, I started to think that maybe we should end the practice of singing/playing the national anthem before sporting events altogether.
Five Songs That Could Replace ‘The Star Spangled Banner’
It seems that everybody has their chonies in a bunch over the content of America's national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," and whether you should stand up when it's played before ballgames. Boy, are they angry! I've seen people post videos of themselves burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys; I've seen current and former NFL players bickering in the media over patriotism; and people getti
Change The Song?
First, San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick infuriated much of the country by refusing to stand during the national anthem at least weekend's game against the Green Bay Levi's Stadium. Kaepernick vowed not to stand until he's convinced the country is serious about addressing racial oppression and other social issues...
Every National Anthem… At Once
When I'm watching the Olympics, the room always gets a little "dusty" when a member of the U.S. team wins a gold medal, gets to stand on the podium just a bit higher than everybody else and the sounds of the "Star-Spangled Banner" begin to play. But it occured to me last night, what if EVERY country tied for first in a single event?  Would ALL 216 anthems be played?