When I'm watching the Olympics, the room always gets a little "dusty" when a member of the U.S. team wins a gold medal, gets to stand on the podium just a bit higher than everybody else and the sounds of the "Star-Spangled Banner" begin to play.

But it occured to me last night, what if EVERY country tied for first in a single event?  Would ALL 216 anthems be played?

How about, in an effort to speed things along, they were played all at the SAME TIME?

I now present legendary conductor and composer John Williams leading the orchestra in what will now be known as the United States of Earth National Anthem.

I think you will especially enjoy when the horn section kicks in!

(Obviously, the orchestra isn’t really performing them.  Some yahoo on put all those sound files on a single video.  If you can stomach it until the finale`, you’ll hear El Salvador's anthem by it's self.  Meaning that they have the world’s most annoyingly long national anthem.)

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