Workplace ink?
I was raised in a very religious home. I went to church six days a week. I was raised, though, with the value that no one is different from anyone else. Whether you have light skin or dark skin, whether you believe in God or not or even if you have tattoos, you are no better than the next person.
Oh, get over it
The people in this video are getting their very first tattoo. I have around 20 tattoos, so I understand what the whole thing is all about.
Best tat ever, until....
This dude thought he had the best tattoo ever, until....
WOW! Here is our tax dollars working very well! Senate waste's time on finding a way to pass a bill that bans certain tattoos and piercing's! Really?.......
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Misti Dawn
There's plenty of Porn Stars out there who have some mad Tattoo's, but this tiny Red Head stole Timmy's Heart... and many many many hours of his free time in front of the computer! She's not only a nerd, with love for games & comics, but a porn star too... Fellow nerds...…
Timmy’s Basement Babe – Megan Fox
Tattoo Lady week continues with this Transformers & upcoming TMNT lady with a few select & nice tat's... check out the video above to take a peak at them ALLLLLLL!!! And then get your hairballs in the KAT HOUSE for your Basement Babe for Thursday (8/1)... Megan Fox!

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