Former 94.5 KATS DJ Timmy captured a mysterious, glowing orb in the sky last night in the Sunnyside area. He, of course, exited his vehicle to capture it on his phone's camera.
Coolest Damn House In Yakima!
On Saturdays I troll around the Yakima Valley, driving from estate sale to estate sale looking to buy dead people's cool stuff. My travels this past Saturday took me to Terrace Heights, where I saw the coolest house I've seen anywhere in the valley. It looks like a spaceship sitting on top…
Mysterious Air Circle Appears In The Yakima Sky
For lunch Todd & I had pizza and I noticed this unusual circular cloud out of the window. At first I though it was a fighter jet that had traveled in a circle but it seems the g-forces generated from creating a circle that tight would be prohibitive...