"I want to believe!" That's the phrase written on the poster in agent Fox Mulder's office in the popular TV series The X-Files. I, along with countless others, want to believe as well! My sighting in Sunnyside, Washington, has helped me with that. For the people who witnessed and filmed this event, they may no longer believe, but know!

Late last month, objects were captured on video by not one but two different people in Clovis (Fresno County), California. Jason Beard witnessed an object on October, 22nd, which he described as a "Tic Tac" looking object in the sky, and started recording. He posted his video to social media, and of course, the internet had their opinions.

Comments identifying the UFO included drones, birds, planes, government projects, and, yes, extraterrestrial life. Jason feels that it is something otherworldly. What do you think? A local FOX affiliate (KMPH) aired the footage and an interview with Jason.

After Jason's story was broadcast, another Clovis resident contacted the news station with her footage of what she saw. Espi Morales had a similar experience a few days earlier, on the morning of October 19th. She was also quick with the phone and got some pretty uncanny video that KMPH FOX 26 shared.

What do you think of the videos? What do you think was in the sky? Are these "visits" gaining in frequency, or are technology and people paying attention to the skies improving? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts.

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