Anniversary Help!
Today I celebrate seven years of marriage to my lovely bride, Carrie Ann.
We have been together since May of 2002.
I proposed to her on top of the Empire State Building (her favorite movie is "An Affair to Remember," which the film "Sleepless In Seattle" was based o…
Hawk celebrates two wins
Seattle Seahawks reserve cornerback DeShawn Shead was clearly in a celebratory mood following Sunday's 26-20 victory in the much-hyped Super Bowl 48 rematch.
Bride Busts Out 21st Century Nuptial Moment [VIDEO]
We've all seen those wedding videos showing a terrible scenario playing out right in front of a couple's closest friends and family. Although it's pretty discreet, what the bride does in this video would make me rethink the 'I do' portion of the ceremony.
'Crazy Bitch' Indeed!
I will always believe that people should do what they wanna do at there wedding, and this video is no exception. However, she probably should have used the edited version for the kiddos in the audience!
My Valentine's Gift
My wife Carrie and I spent a great evening together on Valentine's Day.  We sent our son to spend the night with his grandparents before stuffing our faces at a seafood buffet.

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