I can almost taste it
Today Todd mentioned that it has been more than 60 days since we have seen the grass on our lawns.
Normally, I don't mind a few flakes. I'll grill no matter what time of year it is and as recently as a few days ago ...
But after having to knock several inches of snow and scrape ice off my ve…
December 21st Is The First Day Of Winter
Today (Dec. 21) is the Winter Solstice, marking the first day of winter. It is still pretty cold today, but at least it isn't snowing. That was last week. That is when the first day of winter should have been -- on our first snow day.
Yakima holiday travelers get a timely reminder
This morning's treacherously icy roads are a good pre-Christmas reminder for holiday travelers: If you want to get where you're going safely, check the conditions, allow plenty of time and slow down.
That's the Washington State Department of Transportation's advice, anyway...
Are we there yet?
I know I talked smack on Wyoming last week, but I am sorry. I do love Wyoming.
And now, even though it isn't Christmas yet, I cannot wait for summertime. I am already  planning my vacation. I am going to go to Wyoming!
Ski & Snowboard Swap Coming Oct. 30 With White Pass and KATS
When winter is on the way, most of us want some new stuff to play with -- which means it's time to trade in your old stuff. Most of the time, though, it is hard to get back the kind of cash that you spent just by putting it on Craigslist or Facebook.
My snowboard was $900. That is a lot of …
Bob Costas Says Pussy Riot During Sochi Olympics Broadcast
The Sochi 2014 Olympics got underway on Friday night and the highlight of the entire games already happened. It didn't come during either the figure skating or snowboarding events, but instead when Bob Costas name dropped the most controversial Russian 'band' ever - Pussy Riot.
We bring you this Vine…

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