When the weather gets cold, many of us tend to shut down. To stay in, to get all cozy in the place where we feel the most comfortable. But why do that? Even though the weather may not be the most agreeable, there is a new type of beauty that can come with it.

A new type of elegance a city can capture when the weather is perfect. That is a great thing about winter; no matter how rough-looking a place may be when the snow covers it, it can appear perfect, like a blank canvas, filled with ideas and possibilities!


So don’t hunker down at home; get out and get cozy somewhere nearby. See and experience the beauty and joy that these cities can bring.

The crew at Stacker ranked the top 50 cities that are great places to visit during the winter. They scoured visitor opinions from sources like U.S. News & World Report, Travel & Leisure, and others. They also took into account different activities, tourist attractions, and simply how much fun each city can bring to visitors.


So, while your friends and family may head out on vacation to somewhere warm and sunny, let them deal with that overcrowded, bug-infested vacation. You’re staying close to home and enjoying the coziness that these cities can bring!

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Stacker created a list of 50 cozy American towns to visit each winter. Towns were selected based on visitor opinions, ratings from nationwide publications, and tourist attractions.

Gallery Credit: Laura Ratliff

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