zach hinson

Say goodnight ...
Yakima put Downtown Summer Nights to bed for another year Thursday night, but not before savoring one of the most memorable shows of the 2016 season.
Break out them hats!
If there were ever a night to wear a cowboy hat, this week's Downtown Summer Nights -- our last of the season -- would be that night! Even if you never wear cowboy hats, you should this Thursday. Just channel your inner Ted Nugent and you will be fine going to our free concert on North Front St…
Home stretch
We just might've saved the best for last.
Downtown Summer Nights closes out the 2016 season Thursday evening on North Front Street with Redwood Son and Yakima homeboy Zach Hinson. It'll be a night of country, Americana and real-life musical storytelling.
Yeah -- wear your boots, if you want.