If there were ever a night to wear a cowboy hat, this week's Downtown Summer Nights -- our last of the season -- would be that night! Even if you never wear cowboy hats, you should this Thursday. Just channel your inner Ted Nugent and you will be fine going to our free concert on North Front Street.

Here's why ...With Yakima native (and noted cowboy hat wearer) Zach Hinson, plus Redwood Son (yup, he wears 'em, too) taking the stage, you'll fit right in with a 10-gallon lid.

And with the temperature topping off at around 100, you head and ears will appreciate all the shade they can get.

What more excuse do you need?


So go check your closet. EVERYBODY'S got a cowboy hat somewhere, don't they? Meantime, here's little music sample to get your head in the right place ...



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