As much as I dislike Facebook and all social media lately, it still has a lot of neat things. Yes there's the classics features, like giving you the latest news from the things you love, and easily staying in touch with friends and family. That's great, but the amount of anger and toxicity that is flooded social media at times really isn't worth it to me. Even to the point where I've been tempted to just delete everything! Then I get a nice little surprise notification, a "memory" from 12 years ago!


I don't remember the name of the winner, I don't remember the prize, I barely remember the game Guitar Hero, but thanks to Facebook, this memory is kept somewhere! A lot has changed in the 12 years since this pic was taken at the Moxee Hop Festival. Game Crazy / Hollywood Video has gone out of business. The plastic band instrument phase of gaming (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero, Rocksmith)  has pretty much come and gone. Timmy's Basement has become a staple in many of my jokes when I'm on stage doing stand-up comedy, and I grew a goatee! Ahh Memories! Even though I don't remember much about this contest, the main thing that jumps out at me is that all the kids (and young adults) who played this game, all thought they were pretty badass. Many of them were and all were much better than me! I just hope they went and put that same amount of effort into other pursuits in life... even if it's in building video games. Those guys & gals kicked butt on a plastic guitar controller, hopefully 12 years later, they're all kicking butt in life!

That particular contest was called Guitar Hero II - Battle of the Stations, it was the 2nd battle between competing radio stations, even though the actual GH2 wasn't necessarily the one we played (if memory serves me correctly). Here are a bunch of pictures from another Guitar Hero Station Battle! NOTE: If my memory is off on which games/competitions came before the other one, please forgive me, I don't remember what I did last week let alone last decade! I am 94.5% Sure the dude in the final picture sitting against the KATS Rig, was the winner of this particular photographed Guitar Hero competition!

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Guitar Hero: Battle Of The Stations! 2008


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