Ted Nugent insisted he couldn't be canceled after replacing a show on his farewell tour that was dropped after protestors objected to his widely-shared socio-political views.

"The concerts are selling out left and right – except where some freaks think that men should go into women's bathrooms and locker rooms, and who think that comfortably numb is a desirable condition for your children," Nugent said during an episode of his Nightly Nuge show (video below).

He continued: "I think there were six snakes – they were serpents – that protested...they actually canceled the concert in Birmingham, but an hour later I booked another gig for more money across the border in Mississippi. So when you mess with Uncle Ted, you lose." He added: "[T]he Michael Moore, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden fan club always gets upset when good people are happy."

He described the cancelation by the Avondale Brewery as an act of "the lunatic fringe," adding: "But again, you see that smile on my face? You can't cancel me."

Nugent claimed similar things had happened throughout his career because "I stand up for God, family and country," before going on to deny a string of allegations made against him over the years, including that he dodged the draft and offended Native Americans. "I'm not homophobic," he insisted. "I've got gay friends and we snuggle. I’m not racist. I am black. ... All the nasty allegations are 100% false. Now, I've made some mistakes in life, but they haven't mentioned any of those. They just keep lying."

He said he regarded the situation as "too funny for words" and described those who disagreed with his views as "the dumbest creatures that have ever slithered." He added: "And the Avondale Brewery in Birmingham, Alabama has been bombarded with good families – really good, good people, a lot of military heroes, a lot of law enforcement heroes and just good working-hard, playing-hard Americans – going, 'Boy, are you people stupid. Because I'm gonna go to the Ted Nugent concert that night anyway, just not at your place.'"

Watch Ted Nugent's Statement on Concert Cancelation

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